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I blog random gaming related news and everything that interest me currently. I plan to do some simple videos and tutorials to this site. Maybe I will use this blog as a bookmark for my findings on the web and give insights on other good how to videos and tutorials. You can follow me on many other channels and platforms throuh my get in touch page.

Casual games who likes to play many games in different platforms. Currently enjoying Dota 2, PUBG, Civilization, Left 4 Dead, Clash of Clans, Everspace, Minecraft. New to Dayz also and waiting for the new 1.13 update that will do a official server wipe and fresh start to all players on those official servers. Community servers will make their own decision if they want to do a server clear to their servers.

Here you can find my profiles and and follow me in your favorite app or program. If you follow me in any of these services please give me a line in the chat or whatever is the message system in these programs and I will follow you back 🙂

Steam profile for PC gaming


Mixer page for xBox streaming and videos

Mixer has integrated to Facebook Gaming where I am not present at the moment

Player.me profile page


Twitch page for streaming random games and watch other streamers


Not so admirable Dota 2 stats but I’m getting there. This game is hard but I like to grind it almost every week.


About me page about.me/samsonic

More artistic type blog from Tumblr https://samssonic.tumblr.com/ I think this is more about sharing other posts and post pictures to like in Tumblr.

D Live streaming platform where pewdiepie is also https://dlive.tv/samSonic

Another blogging platform or maybe traditional homepage style webpage for users https://samsonic.mystrikingly.com/

I think you can tip streamers in stream elements. Here is the link https://streamelements.com/samsonictv


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